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Fact about Buddhism:

Buddhism is a religion founded by Siddhartha Gautama before 2,563 years ago at Bodhgaya India. There are more than 470 million followers of Buddhist religion in this world. Buddha is an extraordinary man not a god, Buddha means enlightened. Buddha’s teaching is universal, Buddhist religion is the way of peace and compassion, Buddha says peace comes from within, one single word brings peace which is better than thousand words. There are many philosophies and interpretations within Buddhism, making it a tolerant and evolving religion.

About Buddha:

Siddhartha (Gautam Buddha) was born at LumbIni, Nepal. He is the royal prince of Kapilvastu. His father is king Suddhodana, mother queen Maha Mayadevi, when king saw, his son he felt all his wishes had been fulfilled and he named the young prince “Siddhartha.'' After five days of birth, King Suddhodan invited eight Brahmin to make predictions about the prince's future. There, described on signs, the prince could become either a powerful king, a ruler of the entire world or a fully enlightened Buddha.

Mother Maya Devi passed away after seven days of Siddhartha birth. Her younger sister Parjapati Gautami took care after prince Siddhartha, at the age of sixteen years, Siddhartha finished his education, married Yashodhara. After marriage, prince Siddhartha stayed thirteen years with his family. Yasodhara gave birth to a son, his name is Rahula.

Prince Siddhartha left his palace at the age of 29 to find and discover the ultimate nature and reality of life. Siddhartha had meditated for six years at Lotu kawa Bodh Gaya, he didn’t find any knowledge, he became very weak, he changed the place, meditated under the Banyan tree till he enlightened. After the enlightened age of 35 Siddhartha became Buddha.

Buddha gave his lecture on different parts of India, about compassion to human beings, and ways to live meaningful life. His last lecture was at Kushinager at the age of 80s. Buddha passed away Maha parinirvana at Kushinagar.


Philosophies of Buddha:

After enlightenment first lectured or preached at Sarnath with his five disciples taught on Dharma and he had established a dharma sangha, which is an institution for monks. He explained the middle way which avoids extremes, the four Noble Truths, and prescribed the eight-fold path. The Four Noble are:


To remove the causes Buddha prescribed an eight-fold Path: 1. Right speech 2. Right action 3. Right livelihood 4. Right effort 5. Right mindfulness 6. Right concentration 7. Right attitude 8. Right view.

At Sarnath Dhamekh stupa on the name of Dharma Chakra which means turning the wheel of the dharma at this sacred stupa to worship pre announce the mantra ‘Om mani padme hum’.

Buddha realized that every living being is born to live and dies, death isn’t the end of life. Instead, it is the beginning of next life. Our soul keeps on taking different forms of life not only one time, again and again, he analysed that death is only the separation of the mind from the body. After death, karma takes to the next journey of life, one life ends another new life begins, the wheel of death and birth is spinning around and around. If we do good Karma in the present, we would be retreated with it.

Why Pilgrimage:

The followers of Buddhist religion, journey for pilgrim at different holy places for their inner peace, compassion and good karma for future. There are several Buddhist Holy places in India, Nepal, Bhutan and Tibet.

The following popular pilgrimage sites are just for your idea and short information. We can arrange any pilgrimage trip, long or short duration as your request with your families or friends. For your future pilgrimage trips to any part of Nepal, Tibet, India and Bhutan, please contact us.


Buddhist Pilgrimage

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