Himalayan Experience Trek

Himalayan Experience trek

Bhutan Tiger’s nest and Sikkim:

The Tiger’s nest as a local name is called Taktsang Lhakhang, which is Bhutan’s most iconic landmark and religious site. This monastery is one of the most holy sites in Bhutan at rock cliff, above the Paro Valley.

Guru Rimpoche (Padma Shambawa) flew from Tibet, at the back of Tiger, (Khandro Yeshe Chogyal) and stopped at this cave. In this cave Guru Rimpoche meditated in the 7th century A.D. for 3 years, 3 months, 3 days and 3 hours (Losum- Dasum) This holy monastery was first built in 1692 at a cave.

Taktsang Lhakhang is located approximately 10 km. north of Paro town at an altitude of 3.120 m. In order to arrive at the monastery, visitors must trek for around 2-3 hours through beautiful, shady pine forests. Not any trip to Bhutan would be complete without a visit to Tiger's nest monastery. Which is a remarkable heritage site in Bhutan.

Inside the monastery it is not allowed to take pictures or video but you can look. Inside the monastery there is a Statue of Guru Rimpoche, which is made at Punakha, Bhutan. This statue speaks two times. Once there was a big fire all burning, at that time the holy statue flew to another cave.


Sikkim is a beautiful state of India border with Tibet, where you can visit different Buddhist pilgrimage sites. During this trip, you can visit Rumtek monastery, In this monastery still there is the black crown from H.H. Karmapa. which is not allowed to see. Also, you will visit Pemayangtse and many other monasteries at Sikkim.

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Daily Itinerary:

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