Himalayan Experience Trek

Himalayan Experience trek

About Himalayan Peaks above-8000m.

Nepal is the land of Himalaya, there are fourteen Himalayan peaks above 8,000m. in the world, among these Himalayan peaks eight belong to Nepal, one in Tibet and five in Pakistan. Mt. Everest and Cho-Oyu, are the border peaks with Tibet (autonomous region of China) which can be climbed from both countries.


To climb the Himalayan peaks in Nepal, any expedition team needs a climbing permit, for the climbing permit you need to pay royalty. The permits issued from the Ministry of Tourism Kathmandu Nepal, only through a registered trekking agency. For the expedition permits each team members should provide their bio-data for application. After all the documents we will proceed for the expedition routes and permits.

The royalty fees can be changed any time by the government of Nepal, Minister of tourism. For the latest royalty, please contact us. We will provide you all detailed information in time, maximum 12 persons can be joining in one expedition team. Each expedition team requires a liaison officer during the expedition period.


For the Himalayan expedition, age doesn’t make any difference, if you are physically fit and healthy, between 18 to 70 years. During the expedition,if someone is seriously injured or sick,the only option is to be rescued by a Helicopter.The rescue is quite expensive, everyone needs to buy travel insurance from their own country. If not, we will help. You can buy such insurance policies in Kathmandu too.

We believe that proper preparation, training, well acclimatization, hygienic food and experienced Sherpa climbers make your climbing successful. Himalayan experience trek, assures highest degree of safety, proper planning, and decades of experienced and extensive knowledge to make your dream to climb the Himalayan peaks in Nepal.


Royalty for peaks above 8,000m. in Nepal.
Himalayan Peaks and height Spring season per person Autumn season per person Summer / Winter season per person
Everest normal route US$ 11,000.00 US$ 5,500.00 US$ 2,750.00
Everest other route US$ 10,000.00 US$ 5,000.00 US$ 2,500.00
Other peaks above 8,000m US$ 1,800.00 US$ 900.00 US$ 450.00


Garbage deposit:

Each expedition team needs to deposit for the garbage during their expedition period. The garbage deposit fee, which is refundable after the expedition, shows the evidence of clearance by the amount of rubbish collected.

Everest garbage deposit US$ 5,000.00 for each group.
Other peaks above 8,000m. US$ 3,000.00 for each group.

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