Himalayan Experience Trek

Himalayan Experience trek

About Trekking Seasons

Nepal is a country, where you can go to spend your holiday, in any season. For example, spring and autumn season you can trek all over the Nepal. Winter season you can trek at lower elevation, summer season you can trek at dry region of Nepal such as upper Dolpa, Mustang and Limi valley as well.


Spring (March-April-May)

Spring is one of the best seasons for trekking, expeditions, white water rafting, jungle safaris, sightseeing and mountain flights in all parts of Nepal, India and Tibet. The foothills are beautiful with rhododendrons and other wild flowers in bloom, with clear views of the Himalayan mountains. Temperatures are moderate to warm.





Summer (June-July-August)

Although the monsoon rains affect large areas of Nepalese foothills, this is a good time to trek less rain regions north of the Himalayan, such as Mustang, Dolpo and Limi valley (in Nepal) Mt. Kailash, Lhasa and other parts of Tibet.







Autumn (September-October-November)

Autumn season is the most popular for trekking, expeditions, white water rafting, jungle safaris, sightseeing, and mountain flights in Nepal and India. Also, good time trekking in Tibet, especially Kailash and Lhasa region.







Winter (December-January-February)

Winter season is marked by low temperatures with heavy snowfall at the higher regions of the Himalaya. High passes and the airstrips are often blocked sometime for long periods, below 3000 metres trekking is still possible. Winter season is good for easy trekking at low elevation, jungle safaris, sightseeing and mountain flights.






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