Himalayan Experience Trek

Himalayan Experience trek

About Tibet (Autonomous region of China):

Tibet autonomous region of China situated on the Himalayan plateau in Asia, which is the highest region on earth. Tibet known as Roof of the world, Sunny valley Lhasa, Land of the god etc. Tibet was incorporated into the People’s Republic of China; the previous Tibetan government abolished it in 1959.

There are over 800 settlements. Lhasa (3,650m.) is the capital of Tibet. The history of a unified Tibet begins with the rule of king Songtsan Gampo, his first wife Birkuti Princess of Nepal, who played an important role in the establishment of Buddhism in Tibet.

Above 8,000m. Himalayan peaks Mt. Everest, Cho Oyu and Shisapangma are located as border pillars between Tibet and Nepal. There are many other Himalayan peaks below 8000m. Tibet is the source of major rivers Yangtze, Indus, Mekong, Ganges, and the Yarlung (Brahmaputra). One of the famous pilgrimage sites is Khang Rimpoche (Mt. Kailash) and Mansarovar lake situated in west Tibet. The landscape around the mountain is rugged and dry.



Visa and travel permit at Tibet:

Travelling to Tibet from Nepal, it is important to obtain Chinese visa at Kathmandu. Without a visa and travel permit for all foreigners, not allow entry in Tibet from any border or airport. Travel to Tibet from Nepal, you need a group visa. For remote areas, such as Mount Kailash, Kharta Valley or Kham, you need a special Alien’s Travel Permit issued by the PSB of Tibet at Lhasa.

We have our own Travel Agent in Lhasa, to arrange the group visa and travel permits documents. For a Tibet visa and permit we need a photocopy of your current passport (valid minimum 6 months) and white background, passport size photograph by email, at least two months before your trip to Tibet. After your arrival at Kathmandu, we require your original passport to collect the permit and group visa from Chinese consulate.

There are several routes to Tibet by flight or by train as follows.


Flights and Trains:

There is a direct flight to Gongkar airport 3,570m. Lhasa from Kathmandu Nepal, Mainland China Beijing, Chengdu, Shanghai and Xining.

Lhasa railway is the highest train in the world, drive via Tanggula 5,068 m. and the highest tunnel in the world 4,905m. There are three different tickets: normal seat, hard sleeper and soft sleeper. We recommend taking either soft sleeper or hard sleeper according to your budget.

Trekking and tours Seasons:

For tours and treks in Tibet, the best season is May to October. Winter tours could be comfortable, depending on the route and region.

Rescue and insurance:

For all travel, trekkers and climbers in Tibet, need their own personal travel insurance, either obtained in their home country or in Kathmandu. Full travel insurance should cover cancellation or interruption to the trip. There are Hospitals and medical services available in major cities.

Accommodation and meals:

There are several Tourist-standard stars hotels and restaurants are available in major cities Lhasa, Tsedang, Gyantse, Xigatse and Lhatse. Mount Kailash region at Darchen, Taklakot and Ngari. Other places you have to stay at guest houses. At the restaurants you can get Tibetan, Chinese or Continental dishes.

The following few treks and tours only for your idea and short information. We can arrange other treks, tours and Himalayan expeditions as per your request. For more information about the new trekking and tours in reasonable package cost, for your future holidays trip to Tibet, please contact us.

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